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In order to clear-up any confusion that may be occurring, we are not a CBD brand who sells products. Once again, it must be reiterated that we do NOT sell products, we review and rate them. Furthermore, we serve the CBD Community by provding detailed reviews of CBD Products derived from Hemp or Cannabis.

Altogether, this is an important service to provide focusing on assisting the brands and the consumers – compliance and safety are crucial factors often overlooked by modern emerging industries. We hope to see this industry flourish as long as responsible business practices are employed.


CBD Reviewers must express the strong dedication we have as advocates of harm reduction. Therefore, we swear an oath to our honesty & truth as well as our code of ethical standards.

Basically, we take this seriously and we are here for the purpose of trying to help CBD brands expand their reach while giving accurate & helpful information for the consumers seeking out such products.

All in all, we will accept any product from any brand willing to receive the most thorough review of their particular CBD based topical, edibles, tinctures or oils. It is preferable that these products are derived from industrial hemp. However, CBD extracted from cannabis is also accepted as our Reviewers reside in recreational legalized states, specifically Colorado.


We aim to be one of the most recognizable and highly trusted sources of information. So, if your brand is held in high regard by CBD Reviewers, then your brand will be held in high regard to the consumer-base.

This is the best chance for the CBD brands to gain more exposure and credibility among the consumers seeking alternative relief from multiple ailments.

Reliability & Preservation

This is an opportunity for consumers to see your brand-name product(s) featured in a comprehensive written & video product review on CBD Reviewers, soon-to-be-known as the most reliable site for CBD users.

CBD Reviewers wishes to preserve, defend and protect this industry. So, we are fully committed to reviewing products with nothing but honesty and accuracy.


Any product found to be dangerous or in any way harmful or unlawful will not be given our approval. Anything proven to be threatening to the industry as a whole will be appropriately exposed to the consumers of CBD.

If a single product somehow increases any type of risk factor, it then becomes our duty to assure the safety of all possible customers by agreeing to warn the CBD community of this hypothetical scenario.

Irresponsible business practices will not be acceptable nor will we standby to witness such hypothetical scenarios ruin the possibilities for CBD to help treat so many who feel the most benefits.

Thus, if a company is manufacturing a product without following the industrial standards or are violating the Controlled Substances Act, CBD Reviewers will not give this product any type of advantageous review – the only things that holds a new emerging industry together is compliance and communication.

Any initial concerns that stand unconfirmed will respectively first be brought to the brand ownership’s attention before making any claims. We are not watchdogs, we are not security, we are not regulators, we are not auditors.

Who We Are

We are storytellers. We are Journalists. We are researchers. We are consumers. We are advocates. We are product reviewers. We are ultimately your guinea pigs. Our site’s name technically says it all. We review CBD. We must continually reiterate the safety of the consumer as a top priority. From this perspective, as serious advocates for the CBD Industry, there is no tolerance for irresponsible business practices – this is an adult industry for health and wellness. We do not approve or condone the use of CBD products by anyone who is not 18 or older, perhaps 21 in some areas.

Maximizing Gain with Brand Exposure

Contact us ASAP if you are a CBD brand or a company selling any form of CBD products. We want to help you grow your business! Learn more about what we can, want and will do for you. This is your chance to be seen. This is your chance to become validated.

Consumers, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you!

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