Freshleaf CBD isolate Vape Oil Flavors

Freshleaf Owner Jeff Donahue, says
“Our goal is to bring you highest quality CBD products on the market. Our products are all made from 99.9% pure, THC free, and lab tested CBD isolate which is then re-formulated at Elysian Labs into the tinctures and vape-able liquids that you have come to love. Carefully selecting some of the top e-liquid brands on the market we combine the vape industry with one of the newest and fastest growing products, CBD.”

Nilla Cake CBD Flavor

This flavored CBD isolate is unbelievably tasty and effective. Typically, many brands claim that a Full Spectrum type of CBD product will be the most beneficial for you therapeutically. However, this flavor called “Vnilla Cake” pictured brand is not only focusing on producing purely isolate CBD products, yet Freshleaf has been one of the first quality brands to implement a product development approach that allows CBD-infused oils to basically resemble the same type of recipe that many 0 mg e-liquids might consist of – which ultimately can emulate that smooth, flavorful taste many premium eliquids tend to have.

Therefore, since Freshleaf offers isolate CBD products, there would be no reason to include other non psychoactive cannabinoids terpenes since that would be a method involved with the production of a full-spectrum type CBD. With just a pure CBD solution, flavors are able to be applied efficiently with these vape-capable oils.

As of current,the prices are very reasonable as freshleaf brings together, a handful of Vape Businesses, some shops combined with several eliquid manufacturers, such as Elysium Labs, Independent Vapor Co., The Steamery and Cassadega Liquids. Please see some examples of all the flavors Freshleaf offers:

Cassadega Liquids presents “CBD One,” the best-selling cannoli shell with the power of vanilla and sweet multi-layered cream filling infused with CBD.

Independent Vapor Company presents “Strawcolate,” a delicious blend of white chocolate covered strawberries and cream infused with CBD.
Independent Vapor Company presents “Nillionaire CBD,” fruits and crisp citrus rainbow sherbet infused with CBD.

Elysian Labs presents “Hype”, a strawberry dipped in white chocolate and infused with CBD.

Elysian Labs award-winning eliquid “Nilla Cake,” a delightful white cake with vanilla frosting infused with CBD.

Elysian Labs presents “Fluffy” a unique combination of savory cereal and sweet dessert notes infused with CBD that takes cereal vapes to new heights.

Fresh Leaf Pure CBD Isolate option, 15ml bottles in 150mg is $25, 350mg for $50, or 600mg is $80

Freshleaf labeled CBD Oil is their most diverse option in reference to dosage of CBD & price.

All other products listed above (excluding Freshleaf Label) are sold in 30ml bottle containing 99.9% pure CBD domestically grown in the USA.

Every product, except for all of the oils by Elysian Labs, all offered these flavors in either 150mg CBD content for $25.00 or 300mg for $42.50. Elysian Labs have an option offering 350mg for $50.00 along with the 150mg for $25.00.

This brand is highly recommended to the consumers

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