Mary’s Medicinals CBD Distillate Vape Review

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REVIEW: 5) Mary’s Medicinals CBD Review

Brand: Mary’s Medicinals & Elite Botanicals CBD

Product: Mary’s CBD Distillate Vape

Type: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

Form: 3:1/CBD:THC Blend

Ratio: CBD 52% THC 17%

Potency: CBD 260 mg, THC 85 mg, CBN <4 mg

Cost: Cartridge w/Battery can be between $70-$100. Cartridge Only could be $50-$80 (Cost Varies by Dispensary Pricing Model)

Origin: Colorado Cannabis (THC) & Hemp (CBD)

Extraction: Ethanol Extraction

Ingredients: Natural Terpene Blend, Cannabis Extract (Ethanol)

Availability: Colorado Dispensaries Med or Rec21+

Category: Concentrate (as opposed to Dry Herb or Edibles)



At CBD Reviewers, we ONLY Recommend this product to those of legal consumption age. DO NOT Recommend this product to anyone under the legal age limit for legalized cannabis use in your state. If Cannabis Is Decriminalized In Your State, the required age is typically 21 and over for Recreational and 18 and over for Medical use.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Review

This is our first CBD review that is based on a product derived from Cannabis. All other CBD reviews dealt with sampling non-psychoactive hemp-based products. Therefore, this review format will be slightly different than the previous reviews of the brands that sell their CBD extracted from the hemp plant.

Therefore, we must reiterate that our CBD Reviewers are based in Denver, Colorado. So, this is 110% legal to sample cannabis products with a CBD:THC ratio — specifically, CBD extracted from Cannabis.

Nonetheless, this is a special product to review. The portion of CBD included in this product is much higher than the amount of THC. As many surely know that CBD and THC are very much compatible and work In synergy together to achieve a purely natural “entourage effect” — SEE CBD INFO PAGE FOR DETAILS.

Some of the most hardcore Cannabis Advocates would argue that the full benefit of CBD and a true “entourage effect” is not able to be felt without a larger dose of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) greater than 0.3%. Of course, 0.3% THC content is the amount legally permitted in CBD products derived from Hemp.

Mary’s Medicinals Brand is a CBD Pioneer

It is imperative that I start out by declaring my unyielding respect for this brand. They undoubtedly lead the cannabis industry in delivering an all-around quality experience for consumers.

When It comes to the innovation, cultivation, processing and packaging of their products, it is difficult to think of a company who performs the entire overall process just as professionally as Mary’s Medicinals.

This business is the poster child for setting industry standards and compliance. What’s most impressive about this brand is their ability to educate the consumer. Any Mary’s Medicinals customer is typically well-versed in knowing the proper information regarding the possible health benefits of CBD and/or potential advantages for wellness from Cannabis.

As a matter of fact, Mary’s Medicinals even provides any curious consumer who visits their flawless website with resources to get involved with Advocacy – to get Involved in Legalization. Overall, here at CBD Reviewers, we feel this brand serves as a respected leader of cannabinoid exploration, bringing scientific based results to the forefront of commerce. We find it difficult to even fathom being dissatisfied with any products this brand represents. highlights some key awards earned by their innovative brand approach: the site states, “Mary is dedicated to developing innovative products, which have garnered numerous accolades including 2014 Invention of the Year in the Cannabis Business Awards, Most Innovative Product at the CannAwards and Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup.”

Mary’s Medicinals Distillate Vape Cartridge 3:1 (CBD:THC)

Mary's Distillate Vape CBD and THC ratio is 3 to 1
Mary’s Distillate Vape Cartridge 3:1 CBD to THC ratio Cartridge

In reference to the 3:1 CBD Distillate Vape Cartridge, Mary’s Medicinals says, “Staying true to our core values, Mary’s set out to manufacture a pure, additive free, industry-leading vape pen, offering instant relaxing relief. After a year of research into nearly every aspect of the product, from formulation to hardware, Mary’s is proud to introduce our CBD:THC 3:1 vape.”

When we contacted this brand, they promptly replied. Altogether, we had some general questions about the origin of the CBD compound. Basically, we were curious about the extraction process and the general source of both the THC and CBD.

Mary’s Medicinals prompt and convenient response consisted of stating, “The CBD is sourced from Hemp from Elite Botanicals farm in Loveland, Colorado. The THC is sourced from Cannabis and we get it from a few different grows. The hemp is grown by Elite Botanicals through a Colorado Department of Agriculture license. The THC raw material comes from a CO MED licensed facility.” 

This was indeed very helpful information, to say the least. In reference to the extraction process, the MM brand provided even further detail and of course, using their skills for educating once again about some highly relevant details concerning Distillate that we were initially unaware of. CBD Reviewers and other consumers have Mary’s Medicinals to thank for contributing to this review by lending their generosity, time and knowledge.

Mary’s Medicinals told us, “First, THC is alcohol extracted and CBD is either alcohol or Butane extracted. Distillation is a refining process-meaning it is a secondary process that is done after the initial extraction. There are virtually no residual solvents left after distillation and everything goes through an extensive purging process before it is even distilled to remove any solvents from either alcohol or butane.” Enough said. This is exactly what I had expected and I am thankful, I knew I would get taken to school. Sounds about right to me.

Mary’s Medicinals clarifies further by explaining, “With an earthy flavor and fresh aromatic scent, Mary’s new vape offers relaxing relief without the intense high often associated with a straight THC vape. This all natural terpene blend is smooth with no cutting agents and includes clean oil from distillate.”

Ultimately, this “earthy flavor” descriptor is absolutely the whole truth and nothing but. It is almost too accurate to describe the flavor as “earthy.” Most pure CBD is rather earthy, so this type of taste is indeed expected. Yet, nothing could have prepared me for this sort of naturally strong earthiness.

What does “earthy” literally mean? In one way or another, I’ve always described this adjective as being a nice way of sugarcoating the natural purity of a distinct flavor. Truthfully, earthy could also be explained by saying that the flavor is reminiscent of dirt or a grassy yard.

No disrespect to the Mary’s brand – their products have been groundbreaking and highly effective for countless people. Any business dedicated to providing a pathway to healing for so many individuals plagued with times of endless suffering, is a business who I will personally always support. The transdermal CBD/THC 1:1 patch has helped me out tremendously.

Taking this into consideration, the review of the first distillate vape pen version they’ve released must remain open and honest. Just as CBD Reviewers has a responsibility to the brands we sample, we also have a responsibility to all consumers by remaining transparent and trustworthy.

From this, I hate to say this, but I must admit, this is one vape cartridge I had a very difficult time enjoying. The flavor is so unsavory and distasteful that I think it made me feel slightly nauseated.

Before any “Ride or Die Mary’s Brand Users” throw a temper tantrum, please hear this out. Obviously, we typically praise MM with immense gratitude. We are genuine in our sincerity.

Not to mention, we understand that the flavor tastes so much different because many of the other vape cartridge options of cannabis concentrates include solvents, flavoring agents and who knows what other additives in order to create a savory and memorable taste and scent.

While these other brands are not necessarily creating the most pure and natural cannabis products, they are still very easy to enjoy. Perhaps it is necessary to create a production process that involves including so many additives or potentially harmful extraction agents in order to cover-up the nasty natural taste of extracted cannabinoids and terpenes that are ultimately burned into the concentrate category — then again, this is a hypothetical assumption.

Of course, I’m only trying to make sense of why one of the most exciting products to be released in 2017 has disappointed me in such an unexpected way. Indeed, expectations were undoubtedly higher than usual, so I think that was also a major factor for the unanticipated level of displeasure. Nevertheless, as badly as I wanted this vape cartridge to be my new go-to cannabis vape product, it was not, by any means. The flavor was such a buzzkill, literally.

In regards to these complaints and the factors highlighted as the pitfalls of the vape experience, from being very familiar with Mary’s Medicinals, I have a feeling that their relentless passion for innovating will takeover and improvements to this situation will become a top priority.

More than likely, there will be improvements and a valid explanation for why they choose to enhance the product just as CBD Reviewers provided a greatly detailed description for having such an unexpected vaping experience.

What is most appealing about this Vape Pen is that it’s cannabinoid ratio is 3:1 CBD to THC, with an additional terpene-rich profile included.  This is impressive for many reasons, such as, this is the first high-CBD Cannabis-based Distillate vape cartridge that is essentially solvent-free.

For the many who may be unfamiliar with the particular terms used in the above paragraph, I can rephrase what was described in Layman’s terms. To simplify the description, another way to explain the MM recipe is that this is not the same ole’ vape pen with butane extracted cannabis oil concentrate full of potentially harmful additives. The solventless concoction is extracted with ethanol, allowing the Mary’s Medicinals Distillate to be one of the only purely natural forms of cannabis concentrate that is “vape-capable.”  

Most other cannabis oil vape pen options are accompanied by a cannabinoid ratio that is either 1:1 or 2:1 CBD to THC. Thus, a 3:1 ratio is very encouraging to consumers seeking out high-CBD products at dispensaries. As one of these high CBD-seeking consumers, I always witness the majority of most Denver-area dispensaries being nearly out-of-stock, when it comes to their inventory of CBD vape cartridges.

Therefore, a high-CBD vaping product is always a major seller at any Denver Dispensary. For instance, I haven’t seen any other comparable product to the Mary’s Medicinal 3:1 Distillate Vape. Until recently when I found one of the newest additions to the Colorado Cannabis Market, “Northern Standard”


The specs for the overall design, quality and expected outcome to this cartridge are as follows:

  • 500 mg pyrex glass cartridges
  • High Cannabinoid Potency
  • Additive Free
  • Convenient, discreet, rapid uptake
  • Accurately dosed draw count
  • Relaxing without the high

The battery that is sold separately (or in rare cases as an all-in-one type of kit) is definitely not disappointing. Of course, it is consistently strong, not too over-powerful. At the same time, it is a quality power source for vape cartridges.

As a vaper, this battery is not necessarily the most impressive I’ve ever used, yet when it comes to accompanying a vape cartridge, it is by far one of the better selections. Being able to harness some high power with heat control without  simultaneously compromising maximum flavor.

Personally, my only issue is that this 3:1 Vape,cartridge can surely become something amazing, but this first version has been disappointing to say the least, it taste like I’m vaping a flower pot. It’s overall taste is quite off-putting. After I began thinking perhaps I was just a vape snob, in response, I had a friend give it a taste and he was just as displeased.

Regardless of the unpalatable flavor, the overall product was truly designed and formulated as a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio and therefore, the comprehensive physical effects should be more satisfying. Unfortunately, the truth is that I did not feel that much relief that I typically feel from CBD products. The distillate is so awfully flavored that it somehow made me feel lightheaded and sickly.

Why? I have no clue. Mary’s Medicinals has never let me down and I am a firm believer in their products. I’ve been consuming Cannabis based products for nearly 20 years, so it wasn’t any adverse effects from the THC I honestly think perhaps I’m just a vape snob because the flavor killed the entire experience for me.

The flavor is actually strong and potent, it’s obvious the cartridge is filled with purely an all-fresh full spectrum CBD. It’s seemingly overpowering and does not satisfy my own picky palate.

Of course, It’s feasible to suggest how some might say, “Who cares? This is all about the high-quality CBD balancing out the psychoactive effects that accompanies the smaller percentage of THC, allowing for the full therapeutic benefits facilitated by the CBD.” Agreed. Point well-made.

However, perhaps the best way to justify this scenario is to understand why to some people, enjoying the overall taste “in the moment” is more satisfying. While for others, the naturally pure unsavory flavor, yet healthier option allows them to feel as if they will live longer, keeping their minds at ease.


Taking all this into consideration, a part of me feels as if this review and the comments regarding the unappealing flavor are all irrelevant now that it is December 2017. This is due to the fact that this top-notch brand is teaming up with one of the most impressive cannabis vapor device providers, PAX Labs.

Knowing that these two brands are going to be combining the Mary’s distillate to be used in a PAX ERA device, reassures me that a solution to optimize the overall taste has been discovered and will now be implemented with a superior vaping device.

All in all, this is such a massive “game-changer” and we are very excited for the opportunity to sample these PAX/Mary products. The future is always just another day away in the innovative Cannabis Industry and we hope to see more success from this industry leader.

Mary’s Medicinals own Words on the PAX Partnership:

“Two industry-leading brands, dedicated to quality and innovation, combine technology and horticulture to bring an unprecedented vapor and distillate product to the market”

More Information About Mary’s Medicinals
Best known for the developer of the award-winning transdermal patch, Mary’s Medicinals defines themselves as a “Wellness Company” that has been innovating at the intersection of engineering, technology and horticulture.

This championed Colorado brand continues to impress regularly in countless ways. As they mentioned they’re relentless approach to innovation, Mary’s Medicinals is also an industry leader for educating consumers and supporting advocacy efforts.

Their statements on their website explains their overall mission clearly. On their site, it states, “Mary’s mission is to transform how people view and utilize plants by developing products that isolate the benefits of vital herbal extracts for optimum patient care. All Mary’s Medicinals products have the Seal of Approval from The Realm of Caring.”

8 Dimensions of Wellness Review Rating System:

8 Dimensions of Wellness System for CBD Product Review

Social: 3

Spiritual: 5

Physical: 5

Financial: 3

Emotional: 3

Intellectual: 3

Occupational: 3

Environmental: 5


PRODUCT REVIEWED: Mary’s Medicinals Distillate Vape Cartridge 3:1

Eight Dimensions of Wellness Total Score: 30/40 points

For more information, please VISIT

LIKE Mary’s Medicinals on Facebook

FOLLOW @Marysmedicinals on Twitter

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We must reiterate that our CBD Product Reviewers are based in Denver, Colorado. So, this is 100% legal to sample cannabis products within the official borders of Colorado. Since this particular CBD product is made with a CBD:THC ratio and directly extracted from Cannabis, we must remind everyone this is a product for adult use.

We do not agree with the use of such a product for anyone under the legal age. Void wherever states still prohibit sales – along with other countries still practicing prohibition.

Never drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery after using a product with these general ingredients, particularly from Cannabis or THC. The legal limit for the approved amount of THC in hemp-based CBD products  THC. levels above 0.3%


It is imperative to remember there is a vast difference among the Hemp and Cannabis Plants.

Remember, the hemp plant has been Federally legalized by legislation known as the Farm Bill, allowing for nationally approved cultivation. However, Cannabis or Marijuana is, unfortunately listed as a Class 1 narcotic under the Controlled Substances Act.

Regardless, while some states continue to throw support into creating backwards laws against the cultivation of the Hemp Plant, the consumption, cultivation and sale of the Cannabis plant has been decriminalized almost nationwide, state-by-state, with medical or recreational use approved through legislation.

State Laws have been enacted to allow recreational adult use for those 21 years of age or older in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Alaska  primarily by majority vote of the residents of these states

Mary’s Medicinals Statement

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficiency of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you are taking any medication or are under treatment for any disease, please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using these products. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.


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  122. There are some very good properties in and round Thatcham and a few are owned by couples who usually throw swinger events. Publisher: Lizzy B The courting scene for Baltimore single professionals is diverse and exciting, so there is no such thing as a want to worry the place to take your subsequent date berlin one fashion to approach building up your confidence is to appear your superior at each one in every of times.

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  124. Most mature daters know what they are looking for in a date, from the bodily to persona traits. The actual fact is that they make some huge cash by getting paid by survey makers after which paying very low to survey takers. The best and true psychics are associated with at least one charitable organization to them to donate their services. • STEP 9: Ask your future bride questions so she can respond

  125. The matter now is normally that properties in Miami nowadays are good worth when when 12 months 2001. The day and yr of the signature are hooked up in the path of the concept and signed alongside with the loosen up of the knowledge. Lastly, there are a handful of older packages that don’t but work (updates are wanted), and different ones updates exist however the older versions of the program may now not work. New Mac consumer – am considering of buying a mac on eBay with Mac OS X 10 four 10 Does this mean it has home windows on it? la mac

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  129. Chances are, those things still exist. Prep up your online profile and advertise, promote, and promote some extra! I have wanted to go see a counsler about this all but my husband will not allow me

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  132. Else all of your efforts at obtaining brand new true love shall turn into wasted. Lots of hope of the students as well as their relations is rested upon the results. The cellphone in my pocket that pinged with each message obtained also revealed an limitless stack of obtainable males who have been also of their late 30s, some with youngsters, and a few looking like fairly first rate fellas was

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  141. You are on the web to seek out someone new and different and exciting, there is no reason in the least for you to clean your dirty laundry in front of them. A couple of occasions I had boyfriends introduce me to individuals as “this is my girlfriend”, wherein case I’ve taken the cue to start calling them “my boyfriend”. You’ve got to make her believe in your love for her. You’ll just need to develop your confidence, plus that really important life skill called ‘conversation’ film

  142. Free Online dating services are a step above these dating sites. Give out messages to other potential companions whereas nonetheless eyeing on the one you really like. Do not worry far too much when you get a guy’s consideration ladys business as a result of if the remainder of the profile pictures aren’t as much as scratch then once they dig deeper down into the profile they’re going to be disappointed.

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  149. Prayer can be the best way to know if it really is the relationship God wants for you. Do you want to get the best Asian singles dating match. We have been burned earlier than on different sites that promise options but don’t deliver frankfurt

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  151. When you show maturity you will send a message to your recipient that you are worth something. If we’re dating and it takes many months before you start seeing me more than once a week, don’t take that as a sign that I’m not into you. If they don’t want to have sex, they’ll let you know frau weiß nicht was sie will

  152. Some frightening, some adventurous and sometimes downright deep. However will you actually find your soul mate through online dating? rebeka dortmund but even if you and the woman you’re dating don’t have the same taste in venues that can still be a good thing.

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  158. When contemplating this query, it’d happen to you finally that relationship may actually be both. You can call it “positivity” or an “abundance mind-state” but if you want to be maximally attractive to women, be sure to nurture your emotional state and stay amped about your life sucht her interpretation of a man wearing PH as being gay, like most people people have been conditioned to think. Since a sizable number of people are famous for misrepresenting themselves when establishing their on-line Christian courting profiles, most Christian singles use these first dates to ascertain the identities of their online matches.

  159. Don’t measure success on the outcome, whether or not or not you acquired her phone number, as a result of the majority of the time you won’t. One more thing that may cause problems with dating is growing rapidly if both of you aren’t compatible gefühle nicht it can be as simple as assembly for espresso at a neighborhood cafe to testing a brand new band at your favourite club. Nothing wrong with that.

  160. März 2018 at 23:49 When To Say “I Love You” Vom Gutshof zum Retreat, bin die Frau dazu 🙂 Er sucht nach Aufmerksamkeit von Frauen I didn’t pick a side, I just stated a fact. Publisher: Jeslyn Jessy In the whole technique of debt elimination, there are numerous selections it is advisable make lately, there have been stories about women being assaulted on these dates, recruited for prostitution and threatened, so perhaps these men are better left alone. The idea has been perpetuated by smooth marketers and catchy slogans that any who has a computer can make big money trading the forex.

  161. In fact, we just dont give a damn! The smartest thing about free internet courting websites is that you do not must pay for any membership charges or any other prices kavior the precise velocity relationship portion lasts for one hour during which time you get spend a few minutes with each date.

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  163. Online dating gives you the freedom to find the love of your live in your spare time. Before your enterprise down this street do some research into the several types of on-line courting internet sites 24.09 relationship Older Men With Kids: Consider the sort sites extra aged girls or males hook up.

  164. Believe it or not, I think near universal aversion of men to the idea of wearing a Speedo comes from gang culture. A mature girl doesn’t whine or elevate her voice while you talk to her. The first is that the woman is looking for financial security from a well established man and the other is that she has emotional issues which cause her to seek out a father figure

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  166. Verbinden Sie nun Ihr Samsung Smartphone per USB-Kabel mit dem Computer. Keep in thoughts there are lots of of profiles similar to yours that say the identical things. To ensure the first the next step will be to learn how to acknowledge the symptoms and fixing them right away

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  176. Publisher: Denis Peterson Through knowledge and understanding we can all acquire anything we want in life. Use this opportunity to precise what it’s you hope to get out of life, but do not make the mistake of making your online courting profile the main target of your career in you should have the option of narrowing your search to persons who share your own personal beliefs and Christian values.

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  182. ” “Deal breakers” are absolutely the nonnegotiable traits, like finding a accomplice who wants youngsters or is of the same religion (if these traits are vital to you). It’s crazy and insensitive for no reason trans callgirl men – If you like her, call her no later than 3 days after the date to set up the next date.

  183. Have you ever met them? In web dating websites you can just speak through instantaneous messenger with video chat; with no butterflies within your stomach. When it comes to online dating, most singles eager to meet face to face immediately ao huren

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  191. WRITE Personal LETTERS: Each wants to really really feel particular. No man is an island, so they say, and dating in each obtainable kind allows people to seek out that one individual – or a number of others – with whom to share their life with inside a couple of days you might be able to chat and flirt with single wealthy men on-line. When I acted as if we were done then her bitterness showed.

  192. That sounds like a wild experience you had with the apartment flood. In these times of increasing equality, this attitude just doesn’t seem fair – to anyone involved! den ex publisher: Jason Important An increasing number of people are using the internet to fulfill new pals and potential partners.

  193. What countries do you say your essential purchasers are from? Castello Visconteo, dating again to the 12th century. Again then, women and men had to first be formally introduced earlier than they may communicate to one another. I believe you may find life a bit easier if you were to adopt the same attitude hurer

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  200. It’s simpler for you to find someone of curiosity online than it might end up being for a person to do this at a few club or any other place where single people often meet one another. You can also look at your local hospitals and see who volunteers his time to help out the kids, or cheer on the lonely and depressed huren regensburg your humility, sincerity and willingness to work through an issue will come by means of if you speak to each other instantly and repairing any harm made shall be quick and painless.

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  207. com- a safe environment to hook up with local single women and men. This may not be the case in any situation, but it is the thought process all the same man provide proper descriptions about the kind of person you are. Nonetheless, given the precise time to get to know each other on-line and on the phone and having seen pictures of one another, this first meeting will most certainly be much less awkward than most first dates.

  208. V Meet only when you are completely ready Publisher: Deborah Banks There is a lot of information on ways to deal with problems in relationship. Here they consider it a gift not a loan You will pay for everything you want here but the cost of living is very good just because he/she is in a rebound relationship doesn’t mean it’s over. All right then it’s understood that disclosing all the things is not going to earn any favor in your behalf.

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