Pinnacle CBD Review

REVIEW: 2) Pinnacle CBD Review


Product: AU NATURAL CBD ELIQUID 300 mg (Unflavored)

Type: ALL NATURAL PLANT BASED FULL SPECTRUM (extra non-psychoactive Cannabinoids)


Cost: $29.99 for 200 mg 15ml or $49.99

Quality: HIGHEST


Dosage: 1ml = 20 mg AVERAGE DOSE 20-30 mg

Other Products Offered: HONEY STICKS $14.99, CBD GUMMIES 75 mg 150 mg 300 mg $24.99-$64.99, CBD ELIQUIDS 500 mg or 1000 mg for 30ml bottle $74.99-$109.99

Pinnacle CBD Benefits


To begin the Pinnacle CBD review, it seems necessary to inform all readers and potential consumers, I first was introduced to Pinnacle CBD Owner, Kevin Lacey, when writing an article for VAPE Magazine, I had the pleasure of speaking to this CBD brand owner from Missouri. 

Through our conversation, I actually was able to learn a great deal and when the owner of a brand is highly knowledgeable about their own product because they did the actual research themselves before launching their brand and products – then you know that they are indeed a dedicated consumer themselves and trustworthy advocate for this modern emerging industry. That’s a great sign.

Kevin Lacey the (owner of Pinnacle CBD) is a knowledgeable resource when wanting to understand the differences between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Before launching Pinnacle CBD, owner Kevin Lacey researched information from studies on the cannabinoids found in hemp plants. He researched for years before launching PINNACLE CBD.

This particular situation felt as if I was being taught a number of unknown facts by this brand owner – it was enlightening. However, this was not a reason for swaying opinion, it was indeed educational, yet has no effect on how CBD Reviewers rates the product’s advantages. Regardless, vaporizing CBD has become known as the best way to ingest CBD Products and it is considered the best way since you will absorb more CBD with this method.

It becomes obvious that this brand’s owner has been a reliable resource of CBD info, it is because I know personally that he researched the most effective recipe and practices for ethical manufacturing standards for safety and harm reduction, and that proves advocacy and commitment on developing a quality product.

These qualities in a business owner are what we should all seek out as consumers as well. If an owner goes above and beyond in order to ensure the consumer is receiving the best possible product for therapeutic relief. We should go above and beyond to find the right product.

Pinnacle CBD is a Full Spectrum CBD Oil that can be used by vaporizing it or by sublingual absorption. Not to mention, typically known as a “Tincture” where the process involves a couple drops under the tongue which is capable of being absorbed by one of our main arteries.

It must be stated that I believe this Type of CBD is more suitable for LOW voltage & wattage vaporizing cartridges, but not necessarily advisable to be used in something like a sub-ohm tank with the capability of handling high wattage. One example would be to suggest a disposable cartridge, sometimes people refer to this as a “pod-style” filling system.

Then again, my apologies for those who may not understand what it is I mean by a ”disposable cartridge” as much of what I’m saying is “Vaper Vocabulary” – then again no need to worry because Pinnacle is continually researching new ways to satisfy their customers.

So, I would never place Pinnacle CBD in any sub-ohm tank by itself, but a few drops with some eliquid already in your tank is absolutely recommended. Recently, an advocate posted on Facebook that they simply added a few drops to their beer and the PinnacleCBD did, in fact, improve the taste of the beverage.

As a matter of fact, I would recommend to never use any Full-Spectrum CBD oil in a sub-ohm type of tank by itself. Once again, unless you have some eliquid already in the tank and you only use 1-3 drops, due to the thickness from all of the different cannabinoids included in the versatile recipe including multiple terpenes as well. When vaping Full Spectrum oils, it is highly recommended to always drip the Full-Spectrum CBD oils into nothing except a smaller disposable cartridge or refillable a “pod.”

Owner Kevin Lacey proceeds to explain, “With Full Spectrum CBD versus Isolate, I don’t see it as a debate, but more of a lack of consumer knowledge. People do not understand that combining more of the components together, this provides a much better likelihood to feel the therapeutic relief. CBD works well for relieving pain, but also the cannabinoid CBC works well for pain so when all these cannabinoids are engaged in an entourage effect synergizing together to cause more effective results. When you isolate a compound you are depriving the therapeutic capabilities. When you try to combat something with one component, it’s not going to be nearly as effective as a combination of 5 or 6 cannabinoid compounds.” Other cannabinoids consist of CBC, CBN, CBG, etc.

full spectrum cannibinoids

IMAGES courtesy of Pinnacle CBD  – Visit – this image clearly, provides a detailed illustration of all the cannabinoids benefits

Terpenes are another safe & plant-based ingredient that make up the recipe of their highly recommended products. Countless products containing cannabinoids have been incorporating the use of terpenes more and more as of recently. Terpenes provide the small and taste from the hemp or even in the cannabis plants.

Pinnacle CBD is best known for their CBD Oils in eliquid form, which are primarily used for Vaping. Don’t know much about Vaping? No need to worry. There is an endless amount of resources and helpful information on the web. I’d recommend going on YouTube to watch tutorials on “How to Vape” – that is, until CBD Reviewers post our own videos. You can always contact us or even Pinnacle CBD.

However, those same vape-capable oils can also be used in a sublingual process of where placing 1-2 drops under your tongue would create therapeutic effects.


Furthermore, unbeknownst to me, from living in the perfectly boxed-in sovereignty of the Cannabis Capital, the state of Colorado – I was under the assumption that only the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational consumption would have effective CBD products. Actually, a number of people are following the same perspective by thinking that only states with medical marijuana have beneficial CBD products. However, this is NOT true whatsoever.

Taking this int account, there are some highly effective products from many states where medical marijuana has not yet even been legalized, this all due to the cultivation of Industrial Hemp used for CBD Products. The Industrial Hemp bill was passed by Congress in 2015. For instance, in the heavily regulated state of Missouri, another brand with experience initially as an eliquid manufacturer has created one of the best unflavored CBD oils for Vaping and sublingual use that I’ve ever tried.

PinnacleCBD is one of the most effective Full Spectrum CBD Liquids I’ve ever tried! It has a great synergistic effect from all non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes included in this recipe. I’ve had back pain due to a fractured spine since I was 12 years old & I felt better and more balanced than I have in years! This is by far a must have or must try for anyone who may need some therapeutic relief. All in all, I’ve even found it to be very advantageous for any minor gastrointestinal issues – it completely decreases the pain associated with stomach cramps. Pinnacle is most definitely the real deal and I would keep an eye out for their launch of a CBD vapor device Pinnacle has developed called the “MiPod” – it’s certainly a very convenient device that we will post a review on at some point.

Consumer Participation Encouraged

This is a portion of our review that we would like to also include fellow consumers who may have tried this product or use it regularly. Therefore, CBD Reviewers has an 8 Dimensions of Wellness Rating System that we rate each sampled product with –  we are encouraging consumers to rate each Wellness Dimension on a scale of 0 to 5.

Basically in the “Comment” section below, feel free to put a number, then give an explanation for why you think this particular CBD product would be something that has a beneficial effect on you socially, emotionally, physically, financially and so on.

Did the CBD not make you feel nearly as anxious as you usually are? Well, then I’m sure you were more comfortable “Socially.” Or did you not feel nearly as emotionally unbalanced? Did this Brand NOT work for you at all? Did you feel like there were some anti-inflammatory benefits in which you weren’t as sore or stiff waking up the next day, this would be a beneficial factor in the “Physical” Dimension of Wellness.

Keep in mind, different products work better for different people. Any CBD product could be extremely effective even if you don’t necessarily feel the effects. At CBD Reviewers, we view CBD as medicine, not a drug. It is non-psychoactive after all.

8 Dimensions of Wellness Review Rating System: (0 lowest to 5 highest quality)

Social: 5

Spiritual: 5

Physical: 5

Financial: 5

Emotional: 5

Intellectual: 5

Occupational: 5

Environmental: 5



15ml bottle of Pinnacle CBD

3 thoughts on “PINNACLE CBD Review”

  1. I have been a wholesale customer of Pinnacle CBD since April 2017. I have always had a good experience, but as of 26 Feb 18, it appears that their phone has been deactivated. I am wondering if they have been shut down.

  2. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. I wasn’t getting relief any more from prescription meds. A friend of mine told me about this oil and I decided to give it a try. After taking the dose within 20 minutes my pain was manageable. I was thrilled! The taste is nasty, but with the relief I get, it is worth it.

  3. The PinnacleCBD brand has also designed and developed a Vape Pen with disposable cartridges that can be replaced called the MiPod. It is highly recommended to search for this product on their website Any questions? Let CBD Reviewers know. However, since we do NOT sell any products, please feel free to contact PinnacleCBD, it is an amazingly effective brand who also advocates for the industry heavily.

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