Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD Review


REVIEW: 3) Koi CBD Review

Product: “Red” Koi CBD vape juice: The Classic Strawberry Milkshake

Brand: Koi CBD (The #1 Natural CBD)

Flavor Profile: “Sweet Strawberries submerged and blended into a Creamy Milkshake. Enjoy the Swirls of our Classic Strawberry Milkshake!” (Koicbd.com)

Type: Flavored CBD isolate oil aka Flavored CBD isolate Vape liquid

Origin: USA Colorado Agricultural Certified

Cost: $59.99 for 500 mg ($29.99 for 100 mg, $99.99 for 1000 mg)

Strength: 500 mg  (available in 100mg, 250mg for $39.99 & 1000 mg)

Quality: Lab Certified/All Natural/THC-Free/Hexane Free/Pesticide Free/GMO Free

Ingredients: All Natural Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavorings “We do not use any sweeteners” koicbd.com/faq

PG/VG Ratio: 60/40

Cannabinoids: CBD isolate (non-psychoactive Cannabinoids)

Dosage: 500 mg in 30 ml bottle

Wholesale: Available in 500 + vape shops & stores Nationwide & Online

Koi CBD Brand Ownership: 4 person partnership  owners Brad Ridenour, Melinda Ridenour, Jason Decker, Brent Brunner
Other Products Offered by Koi: Topicals, sublinguals, edibles & pet treats.

Coming Soon: a line of full-spectrum mouth sprays and sublinguals – “Koi Naturals”

Website: www.koicbd.com

Red Koi CBD


It is important to remind all brands as well as all potential consumers that we are not just seeking to create a basic product review site by merely testing your product and filming a cute tutorial review, promoting specific products or on the other hand, purposely hurting or denouncing other brands simply because they won’t be friends with us nor would we ever write a review on just some random product another brand found and told us to post a bad review. We take no orders, we do not operate from the demands of others. There is nothing that can be used from any outside influence. This post is a Koi CBD Review.

Most importantly even if a company sends us the samples, that does not mean they will be automatically receiving a favorable review. After all, this entire CBD Reviewers concept has much to do with “Advocacy, Protecting the Consumers & Recognizing Safety Standards.”

In simpler terms, we favor no single company. We are trying to inform potential consumers of what is available out in this vast market. There are so many products and so many different ways to administer these products.

Altogether, we are not being swayed nor will we allow biased attitudes to cloud our ability to help the consumers find the best personal option. Therefore, we are honest and if you have a product that is unsafe or poor quality  then consumers deserve to know and vice versa.

CBD reviewers does not simply rate products based on a few categories related to the cultivation of the hemp or cannabis. Ultimately, we are reviewing your entire business as a whole – Of course, how the plant is manufactured along with the CBD extraction process, are all important features. Also, every brand’s business practices, strengths, weaknesses, level of professionalism are all relevant factors to consider. Thus, we prefer to contact the ownership of the brand to get a dialogue going and try to gauge just how serious the are about this exciting new industry.

The brand owner’s knowledge base of their own product, their particular reasons for choosing to enter this industry, what they truly believe about this potentially therapeutic cannabinoid (CBD/Cannabidiol) as well as their overall goals as a provider of CBD are all far more relevant factors to consider when writing about a new modernized emerging industry. WHO is selling this product? Seems like a far more beneficial question to ask in hindsight.


On the their website’s homepage, it states, “Koi CBD is 100% Natural, 99%+ Pure CBD manufactured in an ISO Certified Lab and contains No THC (0%).” This is an important feature to consider since technically the industrial hemp act or the Farm Bill as many prefer to call the historic piece of legislation states that products are able to have at the most 0.3% THC. So, for consumer goods that are derived from hemp, they can only use strains that contain at the most 0.3% THC.

Yet, in Koi CBD products, they have absolutely no psychoactive compounds with a 0% amount of THC. This is important to reflect on since the less THC there is then there is a better chance of creating a much more flavorful product in which Koi mentions it by highlighting this fact on their homepage.

Koi CBD clarifies, “Our premium crafted CBD e-liquids are made with 100% Natural CBD and contain 0% THC to provide amazing flavor and maximum results. Experience the standard in CBD with our delicious e-liquids and high quality vaporizers”

Considering this, on their site, it goes on to state, “We use only the highest quality ingredients available, And we don’t stop there, Koi is Lab Tested for purity, consistency, and safety. Each batch of our CBD has full traceability from the start, to the finished product.”


This is a manufacturing process that we are advocating for throughout the industry due to the fact that the consumers safety and well-being is the number one priority.  We believe for all brands, this lab certified process is absolutely necessary to be focusing on.

Why? Well, besides the obvious safety concerns there are a number of brands out there right now not following the same types of professional manufacturing procedures. Nonetheless, these Lab Tested Procedures during manufacturing will become industry standards as time progresses.

These brands that have been referred to as “snake-oil salesman” need to come to terms and realize that this industry is not something you can just make a bunch of money off of and then retreat off onto a lifetime vacation. If your brand is suspected of not following safety precautions from any harm it may cause their customers, then you will be notified of this wrongdoing – who it is that notifies you is up to you. This is not a game – these are consumers ingesting consumer goods and they are doing so based on their trust in your product.

We should all be thankful for brands who manufacture their goods by following a lab tested ritual for purity, consistency and safety as Koi CBD has proven to us they professionally follow. As a matter of fact, they have proven to all of us by posting the lab results on their site.

Lab Certified

Hexane Free Symbol

No Pesticides Symbol

GMO Free Symbol


Koi CBD has produced a CBD product crafted after the popular eliquid flavors found in only the best tasting vape juices on the market. The strawberry milkshake is one of the very best tasting strawberry-flavored CBD vape liquids I’ve personally ever tried. As a matter of fact, it was crucial that I be the one to review this vape liquid since I am indeed someone who has quit smoking by vaping and also my favorite juices are always strawberry.

We held a strawberry eliquid taste test of about 30 eliquids nearly a year ago and this Koi CBD vape liquid is more flavorful and delicious than a lot of the best eliquids we sampled. Nothing against those eliquids, but the Red Koi CBD Oil is simply far superior. Off topic, but relevant nonetheless.


Therefore, CBD Reviewers would strongly recommend using the Red Koi CBD Oil. From this I’m fairly certain we will also enjoy the Blue, Gold, White, Pink & Jade Koi CBD oils as well. If they are as flavorful and smooth as the Red Koi CBD, then we most likely also recommend when we post reviews on them.

What does this Red Koi CBD oil taste like? The flavor profile is precise in its description. It tastes much like “Strawberry Milkshake” of course. It’s fruity and creamy, creating a smooth inhale and delicious exhale.

It must be reiterated, Koi CBD manufactures and sells more than just Vape Liquids.

Perhaps “vaping” just is not something you’d enjoy or you have tried it but it’s not for you, no worries. Koi CBD seems to be thinking on a wide-scale by keeping the customer’s options open. Therefore, With their eliquid or CBD oil anyone could also use it as a sublingual. Basically, administering the oil underneath your tongue for direct absorption near one of your main arteries will allow the CBD to directly reach your bloodstream.  

Although, The strawberry milkshake flavor being reviewed is a CBD isolate eliquid that can be used by vaporizing, there are several options Koi CBD offers it’s customers.

For example, Koi CBD also sent us a generous package of their product line to review. So, here at CBD Reviewers, we have more than just one flavor to review for Koi, so we will soon be posting more reviews on Koi CBD isolate vape products. For instance, they also have a Pink Lemonade Flavor, Vanilla Caramel Custard, Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit, Watermelon Green Apple Sour and a flavorless vape additive liquid that can be added to any regular eliquid or any vapor device.

At this point, it is important to inform everyone who is not aware, that CBD is a special compound in which certain products may work for one individual differently than they work for another. Much like most of all known medicinal substances with healing properties, thus a full-spectrum CBD may work better for one person than an isolate works for others. 

Full Spectrum CBD consists of adding other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN along with the plant’s terpenes in some cases to the CBD. Henceforth, with CBD in this form, it is no longer a CBD isolate, purely by itself. Having the other cannabinoids available creates what many believe to be a synergistic relationship, commonly referred to as the entourage effect.

As stated previously, Koi CBD, as a trustworthy business, has developed their reliable reputation from the satisfaction produced by their products and smart business approaches. The most admirable approaches facilitated by Koi CBD is the fact that they understand and care for the CBD consumer-base. Koi keeps all of their customers and other potential consumers in mind whenever making decisions.

With this in mind, it must be highlighted that Koi CBD has not been shy about how therapeutic their products could essentially be. As they even have a CBD product line for pets and are in direct affiliation with a local dog shelter that the Koi CBD brand donates to regularly.

Nonetheless, the most efficient consumption method is in fact Vaping CBD. So, manufacturing and using a line of eliquid flavors in a “no-brainer.” As far as the List of ingredients that Koi CBD uses consists of the basic necessities, only the healthiest grade of Propylene glycol, food grade vegetable glycerin, cannabidiol and flavorings are used to make this delicious CBD oil.

Koi CBD is a brand that seems to be continually expanding their portfolio. If the pricing is not something you enjoy and you’d like to pursue other options – well, that is absolutely understandable and an indefinite possibility with Koi CBD.

In regards to what medical conditions Koi CBD can help with, I know personally, it can help with inflammation and digestive cramps as well as any seizure-like symptoms. However, every single one of the testimonials on their website is 100% entirely written by actual customers.

Not to mention, there are so many physical ailments that CBD has been known to treat, yet once again, it all depends on the person. Full-Spectrum may work better for some people and not so great for others.

Koi also states, “Legally, we are not allowed to make claims about the benefits of CBD. We have a testimonials page on our website that list what others are using Koi CBD for, and how it is helping them. Read testimonials from Koi CBD customers here.” We strongly recommend viewing the testimonials page. It is amazing.

If I were to post one of the testimonials in this review, I’d have no more room to write any further since people are raving about Koi CBD and it’s effectiveness. Many customers on the testimonials page state that it is indeed beneficial for multiple scenarios. For instance, several of them mention that it has improved their focus, stress relief and mood stabilization. Others claim that it aids in pain reduction, total relaxation, less irritability and even works well as a sleep aid. In addition, it’s been known to help to produce skin blemish improvements.

Anything that can assist you with lessening severe chronic pain, provides relief with PTSD, help with digestive issues and decrease  muscle spasms is certainly worth a try. For anyone who is curious, read these personal stories of experience with using Koi CBD, you will be in total amazement while reading these testimonials.


When visiting the Koi CBD website, if you simply glance at all the options offered by Koi CBD, it is ultimately very impressive. Koi offers so many different types of CBD. Whether CBD Edibles, CBD For Pets, CBD Topicals, CBD Vape, CBD Vape Juice, CBD Vaporizers and the newest addition will be the Full-Spectrum line called Koi Naturals.

Next we will review Koi’s CBD Lavender scented Lotion and a few more of the Vape Liquid flavors. Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit is a Burst of Sweet Blue Raspberries mixed with an Exotic Dragonfruit which can also be used as a sublingual dropper right under the tongue. 

Lavender CBD Lotion by Koi

Majority of IMAGES courtesy of #Koicbd – Visit koicbd.com – this image clearly, provides a detailed illustration of all the variety of flavors available


After a discussion with co-owner Brent Brummer, he provided specific instructions for people to use their VAPING products. Therefore, these step-by-step instructions are also found on their site.

Re-crystallization is normal with CBD products. We recommend shaking the bottle before each use to prevent re-crystallization and to evenly distribute the CBD throughout.

Vape Devices:
*   Vape as you would your favorite E-Liquid for even distribution of CBD throughout your day
*   Can be added and mixed with your favorite E-Liquids
*   No special settings or wattage requirements
*   Can be used in any vape device

As a Tincture:
*   Adults take 1 full dropper (approx. 20 drops or 1mL) 1-3 times per day, or as needed
*   Drip and hold underneath the tongue for 15-20 seconds before swallowing
*   Wait 3 hours after initial (first time) use to see how the level of CBD may affect you
*   Serving Size: 1mL (approx. 1 dropper full)
*   Servings Per Container: 30
* See concentration chart for amount of CBD/mL

* Store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity in order to preserve quality.

* Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.


8 Dimensions of Wellness Rating System

Social: 5

Spiritual: 5

Physical: 5

Financial: 5

Emotional: 5

Intellectual: 5

Occupational: 5

Environmental: 5


“Red Koi CBD isolate 500 mg Strawberry Milkshake in a 30 ml bottle”

The ownership of Koi states, “We started Koi CBD with one goal-to help as many people as possible, and today, all the testimonials of our wonderful customers is what keeps pushing us forward.”


Instagram: @koicbd
Facebook: KOICBD


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  185. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. The best place to fish at in the annual Maumee Walleye run are From the Conant Street bridge between Perrysburg and Maumee. It doesn’t matter what their story and nonetheless persuasive they’re it’s best to by no means switch cash to them regensburg the most important benefit in going to a web based courting web site for parents is that everybody is aware of what to anticipate.

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  207. The group toured New England and even went to Europe singing their hearts out for the Lord. It is something that goes down to making one realize that everything that takes place in life takes a grand stand in a way which portends some dire ramifications. Publisher: Nico Kurniawan Relationship is just not the best thing on the planet for even probably the most social and outgoing of people osnabrück

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