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Educational Reviews to help the consumers navigate through the CBD products – we will provide reliable reviews of as many products we have access to. The goal is to include every single available CBD product in the marketplace

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8 Dimensions of Wellness used to review CBD products

8 Dimensions of Wellness System for Rating Products

8 Dimensions of Wellness used to rate CBD brands & Products:

8 Dimensions of Wellness Wheel displaying concepts used for rating CBD Products. Rating System Designed & Developed by CBD Reviewers

1) Emotional How your overall stress could be drastically decreased & balanced

2) Financial Cost of the product?

3) Social Is the product manufactured and sold by reputable businesses with ethical B2B practices? Advocacy Level?

4)  Physical Potential Health Benefits & Therapeutic Relief provided by product

5)  Spiritual Meaningful Purpose CBD product could produce

6) Environmental Are there many additives included in the product besides CBD? If so, what are they & are they harmful? Is the product made from industrial hemp or cannabis? What region was the product’s original plant source grown?

7) Intellectual Mental Clarity & exercising of the mind

8) Occupational How can this product help your career?

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Serving both, Consumer & Business alike.

Education, Product Reviews Business Relations, Accurate Information, Guidance, Trustworthy Source for Honest Interpretations of products infused with CBD: mainly oils, but also topicals, tinctures, edibles, capsules and whatever else the industry creates through all the innovative imaginations who contribute to the Wellness Industry.

8 Dimensions of Wellness System for Rating Products


Each product is sampled, tested and then reviewed by our experts who have valuable experience in the industry. All CBD-based products & all brands are accepted for review by the CBD Reviewers Team using our unparalleled platform – a rating process that measures the “Top 8 Dimensions of Wellness” that each product may have to offer for a well-rounded consumer experience. This signature CBDreviewers method is used to provide the most comprehensive review your brand could ever receive & the very best advice the consumer could hope for.

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CBD Reviewers must express the strong dedication we have as advocates of harm reduction. Therefore, we swear an oath to our honesty & truth as well as our code of ethical standards.

Basically, we take this seriously and we are here for the purpose of trying to help CBD brands expand their reach while giving accurate & helpful information for the consumers seeking out such products.

All in all, we will accept any product from any brand willing to receive the most thorough review of their particular CBD based topical, edibles, tinctures or oils. It is preferable that these products are derived from industrial hemp. However, CBD extracted from cannabis is also accepted as our Reviewers reside in recreational legalized states, specifically Colorado.

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